(New York Times) Clinton won the Democratic side of the Iowa caucus with a narrow victory. The Democratic Presidential hopeful had lost the caucus state in 2008 against President Obama. However, the Democratic bid is far from within reach. Bernie Sanders is still close on Hillary’s heels and it is likely that his neighboring state of New Hampshire will allow the Vermont Senator to close the gap even further. Nevada holds its Democratic caucuses on February 20th and the South Carolina Democratic primary is a week later and Clinton could fare better in those more diverse electorates.

(Politico) Allegations have surfaced accusing the Ted Cruz campaign, last night’s GOP Iowa caucus winner, of cheating. According to the Ben Carson campaign, Ted Cruz representatives were spreading rumors to Iowa voters that Ben Carson suspended his campaign, which apparently influenced undecided Evangelical voters, to side with Ted Cruz.

(Everett Herald) Famed chef Benoit Violier has been found dead of an apparent suicide at the age of 44. His Swiss restaurant De L’Hotel De Ville Crissier-Suisse was named the best in the world just last month. The initial investigation points to suicide by gunshot. Violier took over the restaurant’s kitchen in April 2012 from his mentor and French fine dining giant Philippe Rochat. Rochat died last July after a bicycle accident.

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