Following their 2014 album, Wild Onion, Twin Peaks debuted their new single “Walk To The One You Love” this morning via Grand Jury Records. Twin Peaks also announced the release of their much anticipated third LP Down In Heaven. Twin Peaks third full length will be available on May 13th of this year.

I’m satisfied, but uneasy about the new single. I’m a huge fan of Twin Peak’s last album Wild Onion because of gritty power chords laced with rugged vocals being backed by forceful percussion. Tracks like “Good Lovin” and “Strawberry Smoothie” were my personal favorites.

However, I’m not saying that I do not like “Walk To The One You Love”. I still enjoy the single sonically, but I wasn’t expecting Twin Peaks to have this clean of a song. This track is more tame than any Twin Peak track I have ever heard.

Cadien Lake James in an interview with NME stated:

“We’ve all grown a lot as songwriters, musicians, and in general as people and friends. So not only was the starting point different in that sense, but we also knew what we wanted and were able to more genuinely approach making a record in a way we knew we’d be proud of and happy executing, doing it on our own with our own mainly-analogue, vintage gear, in a place that wasn’t a sterilised studio.”

“Walk To The Way You Love” has a guitar riff that reminds me of early Creedence Clearwater Revival that bounces freefully throughout the whole song. I’m incredibly impressed with the vocal ability of both Cadien Lake James and Clay Frankel on this track. James’ vocals are lush on this single which truly emulate the spirit of 1968-1970. Frankel’s resonate rasp is developed and honed making this single an absolute banger. The overall production and feel of this track sets the tone for the newest branch in Twin Peaks career.

I couldn’t be more excited for Down In Heaven. Twin Peaks set an extreme challenge for themselves to develop a more relaxed and tight record. By the looks of “Walk To The One You Love”, it looks like Twin Peaks will do more than succeed.


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