Hey there dude, sorry I missed you last week. 88.1 was hosting a poetry slam which cut into The Garage during the normal time of Dating DO’s & DON’Ts. Turns out there’s some depressing poets out here in the e-burg. And some decent ones too, but I’m not a poetry kind of guy, or as Elliot the Engineer would say, “I’m not a word guy.” Anyway, this week’s advice is about something right up the alley of a radio guy like myself, concerts!

26. DO pick a band or musician who you both will enjoy if you take your dudette to a concert. Nothing will be worse than dragging her to some metal show only to have to listen to her yell complaints in your ear all night, ya know cause it’s a metal show and they bring the heavy decibels so she’ll have to yell. And trust me dude, if a girlie isn’t having fun or being entertained she’ll make sure you aren’t either. So, that means you’ll be distracted with her nagging and not enjoying whatever band you want to hear, mega-bummer. Just make sure you can both enjoy the show, and the best way to test these waters is to play her some of the music days or weeks before the show to test the waters and see if she likes it. Women have no problem speaking their mind, she’ll let you know if she doesn’t!

26. DON’T ditch her at the show! Huge no-no dude! And I know this can be tempting sometimes, but resist the urge if it tries to overtake you. And you should do this for a couple reasons, the first one being her safety. You don’t ditch a woman at a place where there’s always at least a few creeps or pervs. It’s not proper to leave her to be groped by some fat bearded sweaty guy. So, make sure you stay relatively close dude. The second reason being, chances are that you are in a room/venue/bar with lots of other musicians. Those fellas can be real suave if you catch my drift. So you ditch her, even if you plan on returning, you might find your lady being schmoozed by some tattooed guitar shredder or some burly drum basher. Or worst of all…the bassist!

Shazam! That does it dudes. Follow these simple tips and I promise your lady is going to view you as a man worth her time. And isn’t that what we want?

Same time, same spot next week. Mondays 720pm on The Garage and right here on 88.1 The Burg’s blog. Until then….stay Dastardly dudes!

Featured Image: Miranda Farlow

#DatingDosandDontsforDudes #DirkDastardly

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