(FOX) With Donald Trump missing from the debate last night, the GOP field looked relieved. Everyone seemed more inclined to open the discussion except Ted Cruz, the Texas Senator who took a beating from other candidates in the absence of the front-runner, Trump. Viewership was down to the lowest of any of the seven debates for the GOP field, but the numbers still ranked in the double-digit millions. Trump held a veteran benefit event in Iowa in lieu of attending because he felt that moderator Meghyn Kelly is vehemently against him.

(CNN) Just weeks after Congress lifted a 40-year ban on exporting oil, the first shipments of the black crude substance left U.S. ports for Europe. America officially banned exports in 1975, which came two years after an OPEC oil embargo that banned oil sales in the U.S. had sent gas prices skyrocketing. Fast forward 40 years and the world has changed drastically, with booming U.S. oil production from the shale revolution creating an epic supply glut that recently sent oil prices below $30 a barrel.

(CNN) Paul Kantner, a founding member and guitarist in the ’60s psychedelic rock band Jefferson Airplane and its successor, Jefferson Starship, has died, the Grammy Awards Twitter page said. Kantner was 74-years old. The statement did not mention a cause of death. This past month, the academy named Jefferson Airplace one of its annual lifetime Achievement Award recipients this month.

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-Tim Mitchell – Assistant News Director


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