(Yakima Herald) Sunnyside School District Superintendent Dr. Rick Cole has tendered his resignation after being arrested for a DUI. This is his second offense. Washington State Patrol says that Cole was driving erratically and drove off of I-82, which nearly caused a collision. KIMA-TV based in Yakima states that the report required Cole to drive with an ignition interlock device on his car until this past Tuesday because of his prior arrest. The car he was driving did not have the device in place during the incident.

(CNN) Zika (Zeeka) virus is carried by mosquitoes and is similar to Yellow Fever, West Nile, Chikingunya, and Dengue (Den-guh) fever. Symptoms include fever, rash, headaches, and red eyes. The World Health Organization estimates between 3 and 4 million in the region over a year long period. Some 80% of those infected with the Zika virus never know they have it. But there are major worries about the dangers pregnant women and their babies face. The mosquito-borne disease is in 23 countries and territories in the Americas. Zika virus cases have been documented in 11 states and the District of Columbia this last year and last, and that number will likely rise.

(CNN) Sweden’s interior minister said his country is preparing to expel 80,000 asylum-seekers over the course of the next year. 45% of applicants get rejected. That adds up to about 80,000. Sweden, home to about 9.5 million people, is one of the most desirable final destinations for migrants entering Europe, and has proven one of the most hospitable host nations, taking in the highest number of migrants per capita. In Sweden, an anti-immigration party, the Sweden Democrats, has soared in popularity, polling at about 20% in recent polls.

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-Tim Mitchell – Assistant News Director


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