(FOX) Last November, the nation witnessed a massive protest and movement starting at the University of Missouri, which eventually led to the ousting of President Tim Wolfe. During the protest, freelance journalist Mark Schierbecker was performing his duty at the demonstration by recording footage of the protest when Department of Communications professor Melissa Click tried to block him while attempting to take away his camera. While Click has since apologize for her actions, she has been charged with third-degree assault and has been fired by the university board.

(CNN) The East coast has been pummeled with snow over the weekend and it will be days before the full snow removal project will be completed. All three major New York-area airports remain open, but hundreds of flights have been cancelled. Additionally, U.S. government offices in the Washington, Maryland and Virginia area remain closed today due to the weather conditions. The current death toll as a result of the storm is 27 people, most of which were killed in automobile-related accidents.

(CNN) Transgender athletes, who have been allowed to compete since 2004, are now set to compete in the Olympic Games without first having to undergo gender reassignments surgery. Under previous rule, athletes had to have undergone a minimum of two years of hormone therapy and were required to be legally recognized under their new gender.

(Daily Record) Kittitas County Commissioners made changes to the previously-unconstitutional noise ordinance on Tuesday, which now excludes livestock noises and adds the option of allowing variance permits for special events. An added presumption is that any sounds created between 8 am and 10 pm do not unreasonably annoy, disturb, injure, or endanger others. Civil penalties will be enforced to violators starting at $100 for the first offense. The updated ordinance will go onto the commissioner’s consent agenda on February 2nd, which will likely be approved.

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-Tim Mitchell – Assistant News Director


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