It’s not often that you hear of bands withholding projects for 15 years, but that’s exactly what indie-rock band Dr.Dog has done. Their latest release Psychedelic Swampis a new version of an album that was originally produced in 2001 at home on an 8-track and self-released on cassette.

The 2.0 version of Psychedelic Swamp captures the band at its weirdest and trippiest phase. The re-release even brings pop nuggets, such as, “Bring My Baby Back” and “Dead Record Player” to the forefront. While many fans may consider the 2002 release of Toothbrush as the band’s debut record, Psychedelic Swamp was actually recorded prior, but only existed in bootlegs before the mass advancement of technology.

In September 2015, Dr. Dog performed The Psychedelic Swamp as part of a performance-art experience in conjunction with the Pig Iron Theatre Company in Philadelphia.

Psychedelic Swamp will be released Feb. 5 on Anti-Records. For more information visit

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