Here is the thing, I do both, not professionally but I dabble in video games and play football as well, so I see both sides of the argument. A lot of people I know consider professional gaming to be stupid and not really worth calling it professional. It is just games so how hard could it be?

Hard, very hard. The reason being is because there is way more competition to be the best at a certain video game. Simply because anyone can do it. Anyone can practice enough to get good at a video and hopefully make it pro and I mean ANYONE. But you have to be the best or one of the best players in that game in order to make it. There are more hours of practicing in gaming than there are in athletics. You can’t do that in professional sports, not everyone can make it pro, there are gender boundaries, age boundaries, height, weight, expectations and limits… could go on and on. Not every athlete’s story is like Rudy, where they are undersized but still make it on the football team, that’s not realistic. I am sorry, but it is not.

The competitiveness is a double edged sword though. It makes it harder to become a professional gamer, but it also means that it is less difficult to become one at the same time. Which is different in athletics because the competition makes it harder to become pro and harder to be a part of in general.

Now, they are a lot alike and some of you may never have thought of that. They both require practice. Sports requires a more physical practice while gaming is a more mental practice and slightly physical too. They both require coaches to teach and motivate them. They both get paid, athletes more, but gamers still get paid a six or higher figure salary depending on the game and person. They both have a sense of comradery amongst the team. Professional gamers are still a part of teams and need to learn and react to each person in that team just like athletes do. Professional athletes are on a much higher level than the professional gamers, but the ideas are all still there.

I am not saying go out and become a professional gamer or professional athlete. If that is your goal then go do it, but I am saying you should be more open to other people dreams and careers. Just because a gamer doesn’t do as much work as you do, doesn’t mean they aren’t a professional in their own right. They put in their own amount of work and they should be cheered on rather than put down. Accept that professional gaming is here and that it won’t go away for a very long time. All professionals should be treated like they are professionals, regardless of what they are. Whether that is you playing on TSM in League of Legends, or being a linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings, you are a professional and the best at your craft so you should be treated as such.

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