All over social media people are venting their frustrations about the video of Cam Newton throwing the 12’s Flag after the game on Sunday, to which I ask why?

Now before I get started on this rant, let me start by saying I am a huge Seahawks fan and I am pretty sour about this game. Seattle got so far away from what was working for them for the second half of the season. That however, is another tirade for another day.

Back to Mr. Newton, why is this such a big deal? The Panthers defeated a team that has beat them 4 of the last 5 games they have played against each other. That alone is a huge accomplishment for them. Especially when Cam Newton is known for choking against the Seahawks.

With emotions already running high, the Panthers were playing a Seattle team that seems to win games in the most ridiculous ways possible…the onside kick against Green Bay last year or even the missed field goal against Minnesota last week and we cannot forget that Seattle was in the last two Super Bowls as well.

When the Seahawks opened the second half of the game on Sunday with a touchdown, the Panthers were starting to see the potential of yet another dramatic win for Seattle. They did not want to be another team to blow a lead and kept pushing Seattle closer to a third Super Bowl.

So what if Newton threw the flag? That was the most stressful game of his career. With the pressure of having the No.1 seed and playing a tough team, I could see why he did. He was tired of seeing all the hype around the Seahawks. The hype he just buried.

Now I know I am advocating for some poor sportsmanship here, but to be honest, sports are popular for things like this. It pushes the competitive nature of athletes across teams. I am sure that high school rivalries have done worse things to the opposing team. It is not like Cam Newton broke into the VMAC locker rooms and ruined all of our equipment, or stole Taima, the hawk who flies out of our tunnel.

Newton has acted out against opposing teams multiple times this season. He took a Jameis Winston jersey and thrown it. Newton also ripped down a Packers sign before too. So it is not like Cam Newton is targeting one team.

It is a harmless action. People need to stop acting like Cam Newton is trashing the 12’s and the culture of the 12’s. It is just another way for people to complain about a loss.

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