Guitar-driven indie rock band Built To Spill is globetrotting across the world in celebration of their eighth studio album, Untethered Moon, released last April. The band is hitting the road starting in Seattle and heading south down the Pacific coast before ending the tour in Australia.

Built To Spill has continued to find success in the indie rock scene for the last 15 years. Unlike many bands, Built To Spill has found their niche in small venues creating an intimate experience that continues to draw in the big crowds.

Fans who have followed the band since the grungy 90’s can testify to front man Doug Martsch’s consistent experimentation with the band’s sound. He has been known to fuss with songs on and off for years, trying out unique rhythms and playing with different guitarists in order to get a recording he likes. The hard working alternative-rock veteran is respected in the industry for always delivering hard rock energy during live performances.

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