Another Seahawks game, another heart attack, another miracle and a Seahawks victory. Playoff football is a very nerve-racking time for fans of every team, but especially for those who love the Seahawks. Every play leaves the fans sitting on the edge of their seat, heart pounding and palms sweating. Is Russell going to complete this pass? Is Hauschka going to make the field goal? With the Seahawks it is hard telling you how every game will go.

The Seahawks are literally the new Kardiac Kids of the NFL. Now I know every team can say that, but how many teams can score only 10 or 13 points in a game and still come out with a win. How can a team come back from so far behind in the first half or somehow blow a fourth quarter lead?

I have to say ever since Russell Wilson started his NFL career as a Seahawk, it has been week after week of nerve racking games. I suggest if you have heart issues than you should more than like avoid watching the Seahawks. They can give you mini panic attacks…every single week! I’m not blaming Russell Wilson for these unnecessary close games, it’s definitely a team effort, but these games leave all the fans in awe.

It starts wear on people when playoff time comes around and every true Seahawks can’t sleep by the thought whether the team will survive one more week. But they haven’t let me down yet and I’d rather deal with plays that make my heart drop than be a Browns fan with all the bad luck and countless loses. Browns fans have settled with the fact that they suck and anything could have gone wrong for the Browns, has.

The Hawks take on the Panthers this week and I hope that somehow the Seahawks pull out the win against this one seed team. Maybe the Seahawks will make it to the Superbowl again…but honestly, you never know.

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