Good evening dude, and welcome back. Hope your holidays were dastardly enough. I’m back in the new year with more dating advice for the ever wondering dude, but dudettes…feel free to read on!

25. DO get to know your woman’s friends. Often times their friends have more influence on them then their own parents, which is kinda weird, but hey who am I to judge. So, when you do meet those friends be sure you are on your best behavior, or at least the best you can muster. That means no checking out the hot friends and no making sexist jokes, because you never know how sensitive someone might be. Especially in this day and age, and they are dudettes after all, known to be more sensitive then us dudes. But that’s why we love them right?! Anything you do when you meet this gang is being judged and will be reported to your woman after the initial meeting, so again I stress, behave yourself dude!

25. DON’T introduce your gal pal to a couple different types of your friends. All dudes have these two types of friends, the dumbass friends and the friends who are cooler than we are. Your dummy-o friends are liable to make you less attractive, and if they drop some story you wish to keep in the past that makes you seem like a fellow dumbass than you very well could be screwed. And your cooler friends are liable to steal your girlie without even trying, just with the coolness they exude. Not their fault dude, and after all, that’s why your friends with them, don’t lie. I know your friends with them because they raise your cool level in public. So, your plan should be to have an established base with your woman before introducing her to these friends. And if you don’t, make sure she brings along one of her friends so as to distract your friends and ensure a good night for you dude!

Shazam! That does it dudes. Follow these simple tips and I promise your lady is going to view you as a man worth her time. And isn’t that what we want?

Same time, same spot next week. Mondays 720pm on The Garage and right here on 88.1 The Burg’s blog. Until then….stay Dastardly dudes!

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