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It’s that time of year again. Candy hearts inscribed with sweet nothings, boxes of half-melted chocolates, an armed cherub: all things that most happy couples look forward to, and are dreaded by many others, on Valentine’s Day. Whether you consider it commercial or romantic, many of us have strong feelings about the infamy Valentine’s Day. Here, your favorite DJs dish their thoughts.

Jane Doe

“Okay, yeah. It’s definitely perpetuated by the media and Hallmark but it’s not a bad thing to celebrate love.”


“My wife and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. It seems odd to only celebrate one day. You should always do something to make your significant other special. Would you rather have one fancy date or a lot of less elaborate, fun, impromptu dates?

Vince Stone

“Valentine’s Day should be unique and original. Roses and boxes of chocolates are completely clichéd. Big romantics should go for a surprise like something homemade. Just be spontaneous.”

Ruby Red

“I think it’s stupid but I have a boyfriend who buys me gifts which is cool and thoughtful.”

Sonic Boom

“I’m pretty indifferent since I’m single at the moment. It’s a commercial holiday anyway.”

Suzy B

“I’m pretty neutral every year but I always end up having a really great day because I tell the people I love that I care about them.”

Rice Krispy

“It’s cool that you can totally pig out on candy and chocolates and not get crap for it. I plan on buying cookies.”

Patsy Grime

“Any excuse to get dirty seems like a good reason to celebrate.”

 Commander Cody

“First of all, if you wait for one day out of the year to please your lover, then you’re not a true lover. But at the same time, it’s one of the best holidays in the world – there’s nobody getting hurt, no huge traffic problems, and nobody gets harmed. There’s nothing wrong with getting your grandma or mom a gift. By the way, if you’re reading this, I love you. <3”