Welcome to KCWU-FM.  We are in the process of screening and selecting students to serve in the volunteer positions.  Due to limited positions for participation, we may not be able to accept and/or place all applicants.  Please check to make sure you have filled out this application packet completely – responding to all requested information and questions, and that you have signed all forms.

Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer
Phone Number:
CWU Outlook Email:
Other Email, if any:
Please select the description that best indicates your status.
If you are a student, what quarter/year do you plan to graduate?
If you are not a student, leave blank. If you are a student, estimate the year . . . 2015, 2016, etc.
KCWU_FM is an activity of the Associated Students of Central Washington University. CWU students will be given priority in the filling of all available voluntary station positions.
1. Please select the your area of interest. ?
Please select one of the answers listed to the side. If your answer is "other", then please a comment in the comments section at the end of the application. Do the same if you have multiple areas of interest as well.
2. What specifically attracts you to KCWU-FM and makes you interested in becoming a station volunteer?
3. KCWU-FM is a "market-driven" radio station. Our primary audience is the CWU student body. What are three musical artists you would play on the air to attract a majority of CWU student listeners, if given the opportunity to participate?
4. How would being "market-driven" influence your participation KCWU-FM (as opposed to playing only what you like)?
5. Give three reasons why you should be selected as a radio station volunteer:
6. Please choose your 3 favorite musical genres, in order of preference.
7. Describe your ability to diligently and successfully participate in this training schedule, while also managing your class load and extra-curricular activities.
8. Assuming you are selected and you successfully complete training, what potential complications or time conflicts do you anticipate with maintaining a minimum of one on-air shift per week (2-3 hours long)?
Please make sure to completely fill out the following forms and submit them with this application. Again, due to limited positions for participation, we may not be able to accept and/or place all applicants. We will contact you as to the status of your application in the very near future.
Any comments you may have:
KCWU Front Office (any employee OR the Application Turn-In Mailbox around the corner from the front office.) 400 E. University Way, SURC Room 102 Ellensburg, Washington 98926-7594 OR Email KCWU_td@cwu.edu to set up a time to turn in application and talk about training.