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Coming up on May 15th,  is the 43rd anniversary of a Pink Floyd concert so loud and insane, that it killed every single fish in the sdsCrystal Palace pond. The Crystal Palace Bowl in London was in its first year throwing Garden Party festivals, and Pink Floyd was the night’s closing show. Employing a quadraphonic sound system, the band performed an incredibly loud two and a half hour set, complete with smoke flares and a giant inflatable octopus.

As the band took the stage, dry ice was dumped into the lake, which created a dramatic mist as the set began – and may have also been bad for fish and water lilies. When concert-goers began dancing in the pond in front of the stage, they damaged the inflatable octopus. Towards the end of the show, Pink Floyd decided to inflate the damaged octopus underwater with smoke flares, which potentially contributed to the demise of the fish.

Regardless, the fish gave their lives to contribute to an unforgettable experience for attendees of the event and a great beginning for the Crystal Palace Bowl’s Garden Party concerts, which still continue today.