Metal is a genre of music with a bias towards a certain gender. Not that metal music is degrading to women or makes efforts to exclude them from the culture; it is just a fact that in general, men are the ones who prefer metal music, not women. In fact, it’s a common misconception that metal music is sexist. A lot of the earlier metal, especially in the late 80’s, was designed to trivialize sex and women, but now the issue isn’t the norm in metal. Many metal bands, especially of the Black, Grind and Doom metal genres avoid the topic of sex completely. All that aside, we love that melodic metalcore band In This Moment is led by a female vocalist.


In This Moment

In This Moment got their start in the mid 2000’s releasing their first album, Beautiful Tragedy with two albums in between its most recent album Blood which dropped in 2012. Lead vocalist Maria Brink and co-founding member, lead guitarist Chris Howorth met by chance and went on to recruit Jeff Fabb on drums, Blake Bunzell on guitarist and eventually bassist Jesse Landry. Growing from a cult favorite to a MySpace phenomenon, the band landed a record deal in late 2005 with Century Media Records.

In This Moment will be playing at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland on January 1, Showbox at the Market in Seattle on January 3 and The Knitting Factory in Spokane on January 4. Tune-in tonight (12/4) between 8 and 10 p.m. for a chance to win tickets to the Seattle show!