Although they haven’t produced a full length album since 2011 with The Hunter, Mastodon is still a popular favorite among sludge metal fans. While the word, “metal,” may seem intimidating to those who prefer softer sound, the great thing about Mastodon is that their alternative metal sound make them a great “segue band” for anyone interested in the metal genre.



What fans love about Mastodon, is their ability to move forward and constantly evolve but not in a way that makes them unrecognizable to fans that have been with them since their beginning. The Hunter, was more melodic then past work and rock, metal and even flavors of bluegrass mold to create quite a piece of art.

Mastodon got its start in 1999 and has since released five full length studio albums but they claim 2011’s The Hunter is their best work yet. Guitarist Bill Kelliher had this to say on the album:

“Our last album Crack The Skye, was such a deep, long record,” says Bill. “It was very heavy. We thought let’s make a spontaneous record based off music that comes off our fingertips in the moment. We didn’t over think it—like Hey, we gotta really dazzle the kids! It’s like let’s not over do it. Just let it fall naturally, and we did.”

You can be the judge as to whether Mastodon is performing at their best or not. The band will be in the pacific northwest April 28 at Showbox SoDo in Seattle and April 29 at he Roseland Theater in Portland. Listen tonight (4/16) between 10 and midnight for a chance to win tickets courtesy of Bill James on “Alternative Reality.”