Although all the bands competing at Burgstock 2 won’t be from Ellensburg, one of them has a familiar face almost every CWU student will recognize. Known as the “sign guy,” Kasey Peterson is one of three members of Midnight Lights, singing and playing guitar for the band. Percussion performance major, Jacob Gilman (drums) and  theater major, Cole Ziegler (bass/scream/vocals) round out the trio.


Midnight Lights

We sat down an interviewed the band in the SURC Pit and when asked how they would describe their sound, the three hesitated. Its clear they all want to say something, but it takes Peterson to finally “admit” to their pop/punk status. Peterson goes on to explain with a smile that “nobody wants to be 22 and playing in a pop/punk band.” Emo hardcore, softcore, pop/punk, whatever you want to call them, the band promises energy, audience participation and a couple covers at this year’s Burgstock.

Having been together for about a year now, the band did their first show in January, and has big dreams for the future. All three members agree that living out of a van for eight months out of the year would be ideal. Midnight Lights has an acoustic EP titled No Room for Sorries available on their Bandcamp site and hopes to release another EP in October.

Come check out these Ellensburg inhabitants as Midnight Lights at this year’s Burgstock. All in all they are just a “really happy group of guys” who just want people to throw-down with them.