Lord Huron started out as a solo project by Michigan-native Ben Schneider and has since turned into an awesome five-piece a psychedelic, indie-folk band. Schneider wasn’t a musician by trade but we’re sure glad he decided to pick up his father’s guitar and start one of the bands most people don’t, but should have on their radar.

Lord Huron

Lord Huron

Having only played their first live show in 2010, Lord Huron has an impressive resume. The band released not one, but two EPs in 2010, (Mighty and Into The Sun) and their first full-length album Lonesome Dreams dropped September, 2012.

Pitchfork.com said this about the Lonesome Dreams album:

“Lonesome Dreams, finds Schneider digging his mud-caked heels into his music’s more rustic side, shedding much of the electronic flourishes and international flavors of his early EPs and going to town on harmony-rich folk-rock…Schneider’s vision has narrowed, his once-vibrant, open-armed Americana, now overcautious, content to shoot squarely for the middle.”

That statement explains what makes Lonesome Dreams wonderfully simple. Pitchfork called the album cautious, and less dangerous but perhaps simple and normal can be all one needs. Don’t take our word for it, don’t take some snobby music critic’s word for it. Check out the album yourself and tweet at us what you decide.

Lord Huron will be playing in the northwest January 22 at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland, January 23 at The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, Canada and January 24 at The Showbox in Seattle. The ‘Burg has tickets to their SOLD OUT show in Seattle so be sure to keep an eye out for how you can win.