Mushroom Tea sounds like something your grandparents consumed in the 1960s. In fact, it probably is something your grandparents consumed in the 1960s. Now Mushroom Tea is something CWU students will have the opportunity to consume. The grunge-rockish band is one of seven groups playing at this year’s Burgstock II.

1397024062_MTSunlogoMushroom Tea is a four piece band out of Yakima, consisting of Jason Underwood (singer/songwriter), Greg Quantrille (bass/songwriter), Andy Lopez (guitar) and Noah Navarro (drums). In the early days the group had a fifth member who played guitar, but has comfortably returned to the local music scene as a four-piece.  Although the group got its start in 1990, the group broke-up in 1994, only to get back together about a year ago. Listing influence like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains, the group’s repertoire for Burgstock II will include some of their own original standards as well as new compositions.

While the band’s goal isn’t necessarily to get signed to a major label, they are still working on new music and plan to release a demo within the next handful of months. The band narrowly missed out on a record deal with their original line-up when they found out they were about to be signed the day after they broke up.

You can expect big things from the band that claims to be better live. In the words of bass player Quantrille, “our recording doesn’t really do us justice.” Mushroom Tea plans on putting on a show you’ll remember with the energy level only seasoned performers can accomplish.