Psychedelic folk rock is something a lot of college students may not be familiar with. What the heck does that genre of music even entail? The genre formed in the 1960s and usually includes a combination of acoustic instrumentation and a sort of atypical atmospheric sound.  This is exactly where one of Burgtsock 2’s competing bands, Autumn Electric belongs. Although the band lists Incubus, The Mars Volta and Andrew Lloyd Weber as their influences, the band describes their sound as progressive rock and folk all smashed up together.

Autumn Electric

Autumn Electric

Autumn Electric consists of Michael Trew (vocals, guitar), Naomi Adele Smith (synthesizer), Chris Barrios (drums),  Max Steiner (lead guitar), and Johnny Unicorn (bass). Along with their staple instruments, members of the band play flute, banjo, keyboards, synth flutes and even saxophone. The idea of Autumn Electric starting forming about eight years ago when Trew and Smith started playing together and about six years ago Autumn Electric was actually created. Experiencing a few line-up changes throughout its existence, two years ago is when the current membership was formed. Their current sound, which is perhaps a little more on the progressive side, is formed around their current members and the skills each one brings to the table.

With a mission of community connectivity, Autumn Electric is a perfect fit for Burgstock 2. We recommend a 2 can donation to the F.I.S.H. Food Bank as entry and Autumn Electric has donated concert proceeds to food banks and grief centers in the past. In their own words, they “like to play music and do it for a purpose.”

All members of the band contribute to their songwriting, and in January they released their latest work, Flowers for Ambrosia. The album is available on their website and at The band toured the southern states promoting the album this winter but have never played in Ellensburg before. Be sure to check them out at Burgstock 2 May 17, at The Elmira.