Excision is an artist we talk about quite frequently. Ever popular with the college crowd, Excision has returned to Washington again and again, pleasing fans every time. Excision takes dubstep and makes it dark, grimey and dangerous.



It’s been a while since Excision has produced a new album. X Rated was released in 2011 and he has yet to follow it up with an album or EP though there have been a handful of singles including “Headbanga”, “Brutal”, “Raise Your Fist” and “Vindicate” to name a few. Many of Excision’s most recent singles are in collaboration with other artists like Datsik and Space Laces.

Constantly on tour, Excision has listed The Gorge right here in Washington as one of his favorite venues.  Dropping out of school isn’t advice most people would give, but Excision’s decision to drop out of his business degree program ultimately paid off.

Excision is playing in the northwest January 22 at The Knitting Factory in Spokane, January 23 at The Roseland Theater in Portland and January 24 at The Paramount Theater in Seattle.  We’re giving away tickets to the Spokane show tonight between 8 and 10 p.m. and 10 and midnight. Tune-in for a chance to win!