What first was a friendly collaboration between David Ayres and, Jeff Venturo and Marlin Martindale, eventually turned into Story Boxx. Two years ago, Ayres asked the other two members to record an acoustic album with him. A couple rehearsals in to rehearsing for the album and Ayres new there was a connection between himself, Venturo and Martindale. The three knew their collaboration could go further than jam sessions and decided to explore their options as a band.

Story Boxx

Story Boxx

With Venturo on drums, Martindale on bass and Ayres on guitar, all three contribute to the vocals and the song arrangements. Self-described as “Rockpopulana,”  or even “slut pop,” the trio draws influence from The Who, The Beatles, Elvis Costello and Cheap Trick. While Ayres does most of the actual song writing, Venturo and Martindale create the catchy hooks and melody lines that are bound to stick in your head.

Story Boxx has one album recorded but it has yet to be completely mixed and mastered. The album is expected to be completely done this summer but you can find Story Boxx tunes on Reverbnation.  Expect songs that will stay with you and possibly get stuck in your head. Story Boxx has never played in Ellensburg and are excited and ready to show that in Ayres words “we are what we are,” and what they are is a lot of fun.

Check out Story Boxx at this year’s Burgstock, along with six other bands, as they battle for greatness and the title of Burgstock champions.