In order to better get to know Prey the Hunter, the only metal band on the Burgstock bill, we sat down with them for at chat at Cornerstone Pie in Ellensburg. What do metal bands like to talk about? The same thing everyone likes to talk about; funny stories, stupid girls who give your clothes away and music. Prey the Hunter made it clear that there is more than angst and internal turmoil when it comes to their sound and general attitude about life.

Prey the Hunter

Prey the Hunter

Nick Kuthi (bass), Vinny Casasanta (drums), Jon Combs (vocals), Spencer Hjalseth (guitar) and Matt Stecz (guitar) make up the melodic metalcore band based out of Ellensburg. All members of the band are CWU students with majors ranging from history education, to safety and health. The group has been jamming together for roughly four years, but it wasn’t until fall of last year that Prey the Hunter was born.

Drawing influence from Lamb of God, Darkest Hour and All that Remains, along with other related bands, Kuthi named the band after the idea that someone who once didn’t have control, can change that. Humans used to be prey, and now we’re the hunters.  That sort of philosophical thinking is present in all of their music and lyric writing. Never prescribing to one topic as some metal bands do, Prey the Hunter’s lyrical content is vast.

“We can talk about absolutely anything because we are a metal band,” said Kuthi.

Although they all agree metal is a little misunderstood, the band also knows that metal is an acquired taste. Metal itself has over a dozen sub-genres which can be useful or confusing in “acquiring” that taste. One trend that is standard across metal performances is energy. Prey the Hunter promises to bring face melting riffs, energy and a stage presence to Burgstock that even non-metal fans will appreciate.

“Battle of the bands. TO THE DEATH,” said Combs while explaining the band’s general attitude towards Burgstock.

Check out Prey the Hunter and six other bands as they battle it out TODAY (5/17) at Burgstock 2. The doors open at 3:30 today for the a capella competition and will transition into the regular battle of the bands as the evening goes on. Don’t miss out on an opportunity for free food, free prizes and epic musical performances at Burgstock 2!