Di General Selecta Steppa aka The Reggae Physician is from Nairobi, Kenya. I have lived in California for two years and now I am here in PNW. Do I like it? Yes, but the rain is a little bit too much, anyhow its chill considering, you know what? Never mind, I like it!
How did I get here? My passion for poetry and music has taken me to places I never thought of, one of them is being a Reggae Selecta at 881 The ‘Burg.
What do I like to do? Whenever I have free time I LOVE hanging out with my sister, she defines what happiness and being a dork is. I also enjoy reading music blogs, watching soccer, studying music, reading some literature, coding (Computer Science is my major) playing FIFA, and chilling with friends.
You wanna get in my head now?? I am not your typical host; I am not a player of any instruments (although I am trying to learn how to play the guitar). I guess I just have a good ear to distinguish good music and the garbage that is being produced massively these days. Music is in my DNA even before I came out of my mamas womb, and now I am in a position of power to spread the message to everybody else out there who are willing to receive it, because what is the purpose of having knowledge and not using it to empower others?
Di General Selecta Steppa aka The Reggae Physician

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