Chris the Producer has been producing and performing electronic music for over six years. With no formal musical or technical training, Chris the Producer is 100% self taught with “Ableton Live” being his weapon of choice for studio production as well as live work. In addition to hosting The ‘Burg’s top rated show of 2011, Electropolis, Chris the Producer is also the Production Director at 88.1. Chris the Producer has an unprecedented passion for all kinds of music including; Indie Rock, Alternative, Classic Rock, Metal, Dubstep, Electro House, Drum n Bass, and Trance, just to name a few. Chris the Producer uses his diverse taste in music as inspiration when producing electronic music under various aliases. With a steady growing international following, Chris the Producer has seen some recent success in the form of airplay on a handful of radio stations in the UK. Chris the Producer says “Electropolis is a longtime dream that has finally become a reality. When I first started doing the show, I had no idea if people were going to like it. Performing in front of a crowd has that sort instant gratification because you can see the joy and excitement on people’s faces, but radio is different, you’re all by yourself in a studio with no idea who is listening. Nevertheless, I put my heart and soul into every show with hopes that people will enjoy it. The recent flood of positive feedback has made me feel that the hard work has really paid off and motivates me to continue to improve every show.” Be sure to catch Chris the Producer and his two hour sonic journey into the future of music, Electropolis Fridays 6-8pm. Only on your music central, 881 The ’Burg!