DJ Schedule Fall 2014







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DJ Name

Show Name

Cherrybomb Awkward Fast Talking
Ethan Enstad Sports Central
Skinny Tris Ur Rock
Gracie-Lou Electronic Intentions
Steppa Reggae Lovers
The Sawman The Musical Edge
DJ Dirty Snowball The Wake Up Call
Catt Tayler The Wake Up Call
Bumper Jumper THE Game Show
Audiophilo Milo Across the Board
Miranda The Miranda Rites
Hookshot Electropolis
Kiefer Electropolis
DJ Tannerite Electropolis
DJ Wattson Electropolis
Dirk Dastardly The Basement
Oz Emerald City Sports
Tim Mitchell The Full Circle
Hollyhock Jukebox Alter Your Life
Ferg on the ‘Burg Mid-day Matinee
Chuck Taylor The All Star Rock Show
Mz Elenious Mz Elenious Maddness
Sexy Jeff Thursday 3-Way
Sam Your Captain Jet Streaming
P-Lo In The Flo
Vaughn Jones In The Flo
Sage Hailey & Hands Margaritaville
Chet Montana Evening Revitalization
Justin Kent West Coast 99 Radio Show
Zach Riot to Follow
Tronald Dump The Cuckoo’s Nest
Shaggy Sean Shaggyday
 The Muffin Man  Back In The Day
SwansonBroth  The Inbetween