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Fur Trade

What happens when two talents from Vancouver, Canada, merge brilliantly for the first time? The stage is set for Steve Bays (keys/drums/vocals) and Parker Bossley(Bass/Guitar/Vocals) to permanently engrave the music industry with Fur Trade. An unspoiled sound that has long been lost due to the mundane enslavement of our poor ears to horrible music. The waggish temptations of sounds that play within the new LP, Don’t Get Heavy on Last Gang Records, gives one a taste of the influential music heard through the 1970’s all the way to the edgy modern beats we hear today.  Fur Trade pounds your ears with harmonic blends of fully developed chords, and riffs with a piquancy of an upbeat tempos throughout the album.

The band released a noteworthy powerhouse hit single “Kids These Days,” off of their new album on May 15, 2013, and it has been receiving promising jocundity from the media outlets. I found that the majority of the tunes have this painless quotidian repeatability that completely took over my personal space. It immediately reverberated to me the influence of the great David Bowie from the 1980’s. On June 27, 2013, Fur Trade was featured on Rolling Stones’ “Daily Download” of the day which boosted the duos recognition.

After several days of listening to Don’t Get Heavy, I found myself enjoying the different moods this album was luring me into. One of my favorite songs had to be “Glory Days,” with its sinister heavy tones and volatile lyrics which induce a sexiness that only adds to the overall appeal. Understand that most of the upcoming bands hitting the market truly don’t even make the mark to give 2-clicks worth of a review. One must agree that the impression Bays and Bossley give throughout their album via the smooth vocals and instrumentals talents does constitute somewhat of notability. The idea of super stardom is certainly at the reaches of Fur Trade to make it to the top of the Billboard charts. It certainly became apparent that these guys also have the guts and glory to be placed in my must listen albums in my music arsenal, and it will be interesting to see if the world will accept their sounds. An industry of fashionable music and gutless stars seems to be made out of the same shit the previous “has been” was conjured up from.

The lack of variety across today’s airwaves seems to be at its MOST absolute mundane state ever. How often have you found yourself turning away from your old reliable friend the radio because of its predictable nature? How many time does the old bands continue to revamp their career with the “re-remix-alternate-ending-in blue cover” version of the same album you and your father already have somewhere in that dusty dead closet? Give the new guys a shot! I have found it massively refreshing listening to these guys. Finally, a band that does not hide from the traditional beats, sounds, and tweaks the perception of their art. Its unorthodox method of delivery keeps the starving listener wanting its fix of great music. Check them out and expect the Fur Trade to be a profitable one!



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Kids These Days