During my earlier years music came to me as some sort of filler in between tasks, listening to something that got my mind off things.  I really enjoyed listening to music but that was merely it.  Over the last few years something clicked in my head.  I started to bedroom DJ on a little cheap Numark controller.  I took a huge learning curve by upgrading myself to a couple of Numark CDJs (Turntables for CDs) and a mixer.  Well, after sometime with those I once again upgraded myself to a Pioneer Controller that I have taken to events and shows performing what I know.  I have now taken myself to the next level by not only mixing music and uploading my mixes to various websites BUT I have also started to indulge myself in the art of producing.  Oh, how I have came so far in my life, doing various things playing different games.  Only to have found my true passion for music 21 years into my life.


Show Name:  Sensory Overload
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