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Chris Davis aka The Sparrow

Hometown:Vancouver, Wash.
High school: Union High School
Year: Senior
Age: 21
Major: History with an English minor
Favorite Color: Chris loves all colors equally
Favorite Food: The Freaking Shrimp Burrito
Favorite Song: “Get Lucky
Favorite Artist: Radiohead
Relationship Status: Single and Looking!
Twitter: @packerschris
No one knows that Chris ……”Wants to travel to outer space, sail the galactic seas and see the birth of a star”

Chris Davis has become  a valued member at The ‘Burg. Chris’s dedication and hard has led him to be selected by his piers as February DJ of the month. Always willing to talk music, Davis is a music lover from our own heart and a perfect fit at The ‘Burg.

Although Chris has only been a DJ since Fall quarter, his attention to detail and his finely tuned ear for indie-rock has made him an obvious pick for DJ of the month. His show is called “The Farmer’s Market” because he brings you the freshest picks of indie-rock The ‘Burg has to offer. Every Monday from 8-10 p.m., “The Farmer’s Market” is sure to bring out your inner hipster.  Davis is constantly in our music library looking through The ‘Burg’s racks of music for some gem that may have gone unnoticed by other DJs. Davis always plays current music and features upcoming artists and new album every week.  Congratulations to our resident indie expert Chris Davis on being selected as February DJ of the month!