88.1 The ’Burg employs CWU students every year to assist with the many facets of station operations.

Nick Oliver

Assistant Program Director

Name: Nick Oliver

HELLO EVERYONE !!! My name is Nick Oliver I am the Assistant Program Director here at 88.1 The ‘Burg. I am a Broadcast Journalism Major and i hope to one day have a career as a Radio DJ. I love doing anything at The Burg and as a result i spend just about 85% my time at the radio station. Whether it be volunteering at promotions or working in the office i love being involved in every aspect of The Burg. In my free time I usually spend time at the station just to help wherever help is needed and if I’m not in the station then I am in class or something is wrong. So if you come into the station and you see me feel free to say “whats up !”. As for the little time i am not in the station I am usually doing homework, rocking out to my awesome record collection, or sleeping.

Brand Manager

Name : Elena Larrabee
Phone : (509) 963-2246

Hello there! My name is Elena, and when I’m not restoring classic cars or learning to read minds as a psych major, I’ll be here in the ‘Burg office coordinating with our wonderful community as your Brand Manager. I am here to help promote the great businesses and organizations that support us here at 88.1, and I’m excited to be a part of the team that makes the ‘Burg happen.

Marissa AnthonyPromotions Coordinator

Name : Marissa Anthony
Phone : (509) 963-2175

HELLO FRIENDS!!! I am the promotions coordinator here at 88.1 The ‘Burg.  It is my job to set up, organize and execute any and all of The ‘Burgs events. If you can book it,we can do it!


Graphic Designer

Name: Jessi Miracle

Hey I’m Jessi Miracle, the Graphic Designer for the Burg team! I’m majoring in Graphic Design (whoa surprise!) and I’m currently in my junior year. The Burg is an AWESOME place to work at since the team is so energetic and passionate about what they do.
I definitely feel right at home here!

Underwriting Coordinator

Name: Jillian Guernsey
Phone: (509) 963-2423

Hey my name is Jillian Guernsey. I am the Traffic and Continuity Coordinator, which means I help with underwriting and I handle the billing and cash.
This is my second year at CWU and first year at The Burg! It’s been great so far, this is a super cool group of people to work with. I am planning on double majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies and Public Health, as well as minoring in Nonprofit Management. I hope to go into mental health awareness and advocacy.


Online Editor

Name: Mandi Ringgenberg//Phone: (509) 963-2246

Hello, I’m Mandi, AKA “Hollyhock Jukebox” on Indie Inspirations and also host of PULSE radio at 88.1 The ‘Burg. In addition to my on-air shenanigans, I am also immensely passionate about writing for print and radio publications. You can even find some of my blogs right here on our website!

I first started volunteering for The ‘Burg Fall 2014, the beginning of my sophomore year at CWU. Little did I know that our radio station would be the perfect outlet to express my passion for writing and yes, talking!

I currently have two shows; my music show, Indie Inspirations brings to radio waves some the absolutely BEST indie music around the world. In addition, I am also the proud host of PULSE radio, a one-hour talk show in partnership with Central’s student-run lifestyle magazine, Pulse. PULSE radio show-cases the work of student staff and writers, sharing with the audience recent articles and upcoming issues ready to be read! PULSE radio is great chance to actually hear more about how the stories got written, why they were written and the personalities behind each writer. PULSE radio airs every Friday, 1-2pm and Indie Inspirations every Wednesday from 8-10am (PCT) on 88.1 The ‘Burg!

Music Director

Name: Timo Nakhisa
Phone : (509) 963-2284

My name is Timo Nakhisa and I am a senior graduating with a bacehlor’s degree in computer science. I am the music director here at 881 The ‘Burg. I mainly specialize in the realms of world, top 40, rhythmic and urban genres. I love this job because it gives me opportunities to get involved in the music business in a professional manner and to impact the sound of the station based on what our listeners love.
Some of the day to day activities that I do being a Music Director includes screening music that record labels sends us, arranging artists interviews, blogs, podcasts, Burgstock logistics, training music department volunteers, and coordinating with our program director.
I love working at the ‘Burg and at the department because I get to learn various skill sets from my peers and not to mention, there are a lot of creative individuals that aspire me to push my creativity to a higher standard.
If you see me around feel free to say hi!

Tanner ChambersAssociate Music Director

Name : Tanner Chambers
Phone : (509) 963-2284

Also know as Tanner the Intern on Adjacent Minds, Tuesdays from 6-8pm and on The Wake Up Call every Thursday and Friday from 6-8 am. Here at The ‘Burg, I am your go-to for submitting music as well as finding out what stuff is popular in the world of radio. Feel free to talk to me anytime!

Cameron FordAssistant Music Director

Name: Cameron Ford

Phone: (509) 963-2284

Also known as Downtown Danny D on Deep Cuts, airing every Thursday from 2-4pm.

Matt-MorseNews Coordinator

Name : Matt Morse
Phone : (509) 963-1619

My goal is to bring you the most current news from 12-1pm on News Central. Be sure to tune in and stay informed!

Tim Mitchell

News Reporter

Name :Tim Mitchell
Phone : (509) 963-1619

Hi, I’m a senior Professional & Creative Writing major and a music nerd. I serve as the Assistant News Director at 88.1 The ‘Burg and host When the Sun Hits Fridays 8-10 am. For questions, concerns, and interest in our News Central program, contact us at news@cwu.edu!

Office Coordinator

Name : Jacqueline Hendrickson
Phone : (509) 963-2283

My name is Jacqueline Hendrickson. Here at The Burg I get to do all the fun stuff like take notes at the meetings and chase people down to sign their time cards. It’s been really awesome working here so far and I’m looking forward to the rest of the year!

Sam JamesProduction Coordinator

Name : Sam James
Phone : (509) 963-2186

I’m Sam James, Production Coordinator here at KCWU. I started working for The ‘Burg in May, 2013. I’m in the Flight Technology program going for a Professional Pilot major. I’ve been flying since I was about 10 years old, and I finally got my private pilot certificate just over two years ago, in September, 2011. During my formative years, when I wasn’t daydreaming about flying or ogling at sweet airplanes, I loved anything to do with music. I’ve been playing trumpet for about 8 years, and drums for about 6. Late in my sophomore year of high school I got into recording in a big way, which brought me to 88.1. My other job is a pretty significant departure from The Burg’: one weekend a month, I become a Senior Airman in the Air Force Reserve. I work as an Air Transportation Apprentice in the 446th Airlift Wing at McChord Field, where I hope to someday fly the C-17 Globemaster III cargo plane. When I’m not studying, working, or flying, I enjoy shooting pool, swimming, and a little off-roading now and then in my big green Bronco.

Jeff MacMillan

Sports Coordinator

Name: Jeff MacMillan

Jeff is really sporty! He is also the co-commentator for the Wildcat Sports Radio Network for Central Football and also known as Sexy Jeff on the Saturday Night PreFunk, Saturdays from 10pm-midnight on 88.1 The ‘Burg.

Assistant Sports Coordinator

mirandaName: Miranda Farlow

You can catch Miranda helping the sports department with scheduling for the Wildcat Sports Radio Network most likely any day of the week. She works closely with the entire Network to coordinate commentators for upcoming CWU games and organizing the entire sports department at The ‘Burg.


Station Imaging & Public Affairs Director

tayler schaindlin bio picName : Tayler Shaindlin
Phone : (509) 963-2283

Tayler Shaindlin is in year 7000 at the ‘Burg. As Imaging and Public Affairs Director, Tayler talks to a lot of people around campus, and talks even more to the voices in her head when she’s in her soundproof studio. BOOM. You hear that noise? Tayler made it. WHOOSH. You hear that? There it is again! Tayler is an 11 time award nominee from national organizations such as Intercollegiate Broadcasting Systems and and College Broadcasters International. In October, some noises that Tayler made won the Editor’s Choice award from Radio and Production Magazine, a worldwide publication that acknowledges the best professional-level noise-making in the world. Tayler just wants you to know she’s won at least one of those 11 awards. In June 2017, Tayler will FINALLY graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism, and minors in Theatre and Photography. ’bout damn time, amirite?

Training and Development Coordinator

Name : Russell Widner
Phone : (509) 963-3348
My name is Russell Widner. I am the Training and Development Coordinator here at The Burg and I am always happy to help anyone that comes through the Burg doors. I am at Central to earn a degree as a high school English teacher, but music has always been a passion of mine. Feel free to say hi to me whenever you see me.


sophia bio picName : Sophia Ferguson
Phone : (509) 963-3348
Also known as The Ferg’ on The ‘Burg on Play That Funky Music White Girl on Tuesdays from 2-4pm and one nerd in award-winning show, The Nerd Herders, airing every Thursday from 1-2pm.




Name: Milo Castilleja

Also known as Audiophilo Milo on It’s Always Windy, Wednesday mornings form 6-8am, Across the Board on Friday 2-4pm AND the second nerd from The Nerd Herders, a CBI award-winning best talk show, airing Thursdays from 1-2pm.