Station Management

The KCWU-FM station management team consists of four full-time employees and 20+ paid student staff. Station management ensure the proper daily operation of the radio station within Washington State, CWU, FCC, and KCWU-FM guidelines.

General Manager

Name: Travis Box
Phone: (509) 963-2282

A twenty+ year Broadcast Media professional with a keen eye for innovation. An exceptionally creative, Emmy nominated, idea generator who realizes opportunity in the competitive landscape with both a macro and micro eye. Proven loyalty and demonstrated leadership. Critical thinker who solves problems with analytical and strategic intelligence.

Currently leveraging that media experience at Central Washington University, with a focus on instilling the creative mindset, the passion, the dedication to service and the best-practices of Radio Broadcasting in a University setting, with the goal of bridging the college-to-career gap for students who aspire to work in the professional industry.


Radio Program Director

Name: Nikki Marra
Phone: (509) 963-3344

With a Masters degree in Radio from the University of London and a professional radio career spanning New Jersey, New York and most recently CBS Radio in Philadelphia, Nikki brings her talent and experience with both College and Commercial Radio to Central Washington University. Nikki is also a former Adjunct Professor of Radio and Audio Production at William Patterson University, currently sits on the Board of Directors for the national College Radio Day organization and, sadly, roots for the NY Giants (nobody’s perfect…Go Hawks!.).

Chief Engineer

Name: Nicholas Elliott
Phone: (509) 963-3388

Others would say my excitement about The ‘Burg rubs off to our students, but what’s not to love, we’re in radio! With a little vision and creativity there will be no stopping our students from gaining real world experience, expanding their careers in broadcasting, and accepting national awards. I definitely have the “broadcasting bug” and I’m excited to be a part of The ‘Burg Team.

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Broadcast IT Specialist III

Name : Don Davis
Phone : (509) 963-2414

I like playing around and having fun while pretending its all work 🙂
I worked in commercial radio broadcasting for 13 years but working here at The Burg is fun showing students how to play at being creative and making a great station!