Shows of Note – Strong Body, Strong Words


She says I smell like safety and home
I named both of her eyes “Forever” and “Please don’t go”
I could be a morning sunrise all the time, all the time yeah
This could be good, this could be good

Those words are just a small sample of Mary Lambert’s lyrics in her single “She Keeps Me Warm.” The singer-songwriter found herself in the national spotlight after teaming up with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to write the chorus for “Same Love.” “She Keeps me Warm,” was Lambert’s follow up to her collaboration and can be thought of as the “extended version” of the “Same Love” chorus.

Mary Lambert

Mary Lambert

Now “Same Love” is nominated for a Grammy and Mary Lambert has become an inspiration to many in the gay community all over the U.S. and worldwide. Growing up in the Evangelical Church, Mary struggled to break away from the Church that disapproved of her but now says she is closer to God than ever having embraced the side of herself she was taught to be ashamed of.

It wasn’t just the church that Lambert was afraid of being rejected from. After first coming out, Lambert thought she had to change her style and attitude to fit in with the queer community. Now she’s embraced her feminine side and it’s fair to say what you see is what you get when it comes to Mary Lambert.

Lambert newest release is her EP Welcome to the Age of My Body which dropped in December of 2013. The EP features spoken word as well as singing. In the words of a fan, this EP “glitters confidence, beauty, talent and love.”

Mary Lambert will be performing in Seattle at The Showbox on February 1st and The ‘Burg is giving away tickets! Listen to The Wake-Up Call tomorrow (01/23) between 6 and 8 a.m. for a chance to win tickets!


Shows of Note – Irish Import

Foy Vance

Upon hearing the name Foy Vance for the first time, one may not be sure if it’s the name of a person, band or state of being. But Foy Vance is in fact the name of folk singer-songwriter from Ireland.


There are artists that shake the soul and wake the soul, but Foy Vance is one that touches the soul. Gaining popularity from the usage of his single “Gabriel and the Vagabond” on Grey’s Anatomy and “Indiscriminate Acts of Kindness” being used in a commercial, Vance is slowly rising in the musical ranks.

Acoustic and often bittersweet, Vance is a master at crafting songs that softly, yet powerfully display the rawness of relationships. His own website claims that his newest album Joy of Nothing “makes love feel like the most alive and powerful force in the world.”

Joy of Nothing was released August of this year and has received outstanding reviews on iTunes with an overall 4.5 out of five star rating, one fan writing “I DON’T THINK WORDS CAN EXPLAIN.”

Now on tour promoting the album, Vance can sell out halls in Europe but is still gaining ground in America. Because of his wide range in fan-bases all over the world Vance has to frequently adjust to each audience. Vance also supported Ed Sheeran on his sold out tour. Cut London had the opportunity to interview him about the experience.

“You know what, it was great fun! There was a time in my life that I would have turned down a tour that I conceived as “pop”. Not for any aloof reasons. Just because I would have thought I didn’t belong there or have any place there. But I’ve become very close with Ed over the last year or so.”

Vance is playing at the Bunk Bar in Portland on October 31 and the Columbia City Theater in November 1. We’ll be giving away two pairs of tickets to the Seattle show so keep an eye out on our social media for tips on how you can win!