Shows of Note – Sasquatch Predictions


Well folks, everyone has been anxiously waiting to hear the official line-up for this year’s Sasquatch Music Festival, hosted at the beautiful Gorge Amphitheater in George, Wash. Due to its overwhelming popularity, the festival has been extended to both Memorial Day weekend and Fourth of July weekend! This means that Sasquatch is going to pack a much harder punch than previous years, even considering that 2013 hosted some of the world’s biggest indie music acts.

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys

Energetic folk rock quartet Mumford & Sons made a massive appearance last year following their sophomore album, Babel, and shared the headlining bill with the Grammy award-winning indie rock outfit Vampire Weekend, and Icelandic post-rock pioneers Sigur Ros. Could any of these acts be returning to the Sasquatch stage?

Following the major acts, we also had the Arctic Monkeys, who will definitely making a come-back for 2014’s festival in support of their new record AM. The Arctic Monkeys have a solid chance of being on the headlining bill for this year considering the great success of AM, which sold over 150,000 copies in the first week with critics claiming it as “the band’s most original album yet.”

Seattle-native Macklemore and Ryan Lewis saw the light of 2013’s festival after The Heist dropped. After taking home four Grammys from the 2014 Grammy Awards, you can be sure that Macklemore will be spitting the lyrics to “Thrift Shop” on the main stage as a primary headlining act in the 2014 festival.

Run the Jewels

Run the Jewels

The rap scene made a huge statement in 2013 with artists such as Danny Brown, Killer Mike, Schoolboy Q, Earl Sweatshirt and Ab-Soul. We should definitely be expecting to see some of these rappers come back for 2014’s festival; Danny Brown is riding the train of his newest critically-acclaimed record, Old, which dropped in October of 2013. Killer Mike and El-P became a dynamic duo in 2013 and formed Run the Jewels; a collaboration project that has gotten them massive respect. They released the self-titled debut just a month after Sasquatch, so we’re expecting to see them come back in support of that record.

In terms of RUMORS for the 2014 line-up, we’ve heard that Pearl Jam and Queens of the Stone Age might be headlining the May weekend in support of their new records that dropped in 2014. QOTSA’s …Like Clockwork went up for a Grammy award, so it’s more than likely to see them come out for the biggest festival of the summer. Indie rock bands that will probably make the line-up are Foster the People, The National, Portugal. The Man, of Montreal, Cage the Elephant, and HAIM.



What we’re most skeptical about right now is whether or not Sasquatch will be able to fill up the two weekends completely with great artists. 2013’s festival will be hard to live up to, but we think that if they scheduled two full weekends this year, they’ll make it happen.

The release party is today (02/03) and the lineup will be released officially Tuesday morning. Visit the Sasquatch Music Festival website and our blog for updates on line-ups and ticket details. Tickets officially go on sale February 8th. The ‘Burg is giving away tickets to Sasquatch so be sure to check out our Facebook page for details on how you can win.

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-Tim Mitchell – Music Director


Scruffalove describes Scruffalo as “a disease caused by bad-aids. It is passed from person to person via the elbow; it is deadly and usually involves dying. Side effects of said “death” is not living, not breathing, not pumping blood and not playing cricket.” Regardless of what urbandictionary’s silly definitions might say listening to Scruffalo definitely won’t cause loss of life or the inability to play cricket.


Scruffalo is a self-proclaimed “terror-trio” that came to being in the garages of T-Park in Ellensburg. Like many of the bands to be feature in ‘Burgstock this year, Scruffalo is in the beginning stages of development and is still expanding their sound and range. Not more than a couple years old the group started out as just frequent jam sessions. Eventually it was determined that the group should start performing for the public and Scruffalo was born.

A mix of grime, indie and trashcan sounds, the group is made up of Mitch Treece on drums, Evan Smith on bass and Justin Ruhe on guitar and lead vocals. All members are students at Central Washington University and can be found drinking or studying when they aren’t making music.

Scruffalo is one of six bands performing and competing at ‘Burgstock at Prosody Events on April 27th. Watch them compete and don’t miss out on the opportunity to win Sasquatch 2013 tickets!

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Choose Fight

Local band Fight or Flight has been gaining momentum in the Ellensburg area and has played at a handful of establishments including Spurs Bar and Grill, Prosody Events and even the SURC Pit. This April the band will choose fight over flight as they battle it out in the ‘Burgstock battle of the bands.

644420_432120343547020_2022553162_nFight or Flight’s front man is senior global wine studies major Emerson Folker, who emerged into the music scene with a full-length recorded album under the band name Settin Pacific. Folker started getting the attention of CWU students when he performed a Settin Pacific song to take the title of Mr. Central in 2009. Originally focused on a more acoustic sound, Folker now rocks an electric guitar as the lead singer of Fight or Flight.

Bass contributor to the band is senior math education major Jon Mintz. Mintz started playing a different type of bass, a tuba, when he was 10 years old, but was quick to pick up the bass guitar three years later. In high school, Mintz’s focus was on jazz, playing for a small combo affiliated with the Northwest Jazz Orchestra. Mintz met Arthur Lang his freshman year at CWU and formed a fast friendship that would lead to the formation of their three-person band.

Lang took up drums at the ripe age of 10 years old and the guitar at age 14. He played in musicals and musical groups all over Yakima. Fellow band geeks will also appreciate Lang’s accomplishment of winning the John Phillip Sousa Award.  Lang took a break from drums and guitar for a time to pursue electronic music, even creating the full soundtrack to the video game Legends of Yore. After a stint playing lead guitar for Ellensburg band Science Fiction, Lang formed Fight or Flight after he and Mintz met Folker their junior year.

The trio describes themselves as alternative rock with funky bass melodies you’ll want to dance to. They hope to put on one of the best shows of their life and plan to play their favorite and most diverse set at Prosody Events, April 27th.

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Introducing ‘Burgstock 2013

For a town known for its hay, Ellensburg sure has some talent. 88.1 The ‘Burg will showcase local musical talent of all genres at ‘Burgstock 2013, April 27th at Prosody Events. The event will include local bands as well as awesome prize giveaways throughout the night. These prizes will even include a pair of Sasquatch 2013 tickets!

We’ll be blogging about all the bands playing and today that will start with BLACKBURN.

BLACKBURN is a young band that met in spring of 2012 and have been gaining stride ever since. The group is made up of three young gents who actually met in our own Ellensburg.


Brody Blackburn fronts the band as the lead vocalist and guitar player. Although his degree is in English, the man set his sites on a solo music career during his early college years. He produced his first solo album as a freshman in college and roughly five years later had produced three solo albums with several musicians from the central Washington region.

Finally, in 2012 he met two musicians who wanted to take music as seriously as he and BLACKBURN was formed. Brody hasn’t looked back since.

Wes Chamberlain lays down the bass for the band, plays piano and also does backing vocals for the group. Chamberlain’s first instrument was the piano and he eventually moved to drums, saving up his allowance to buy himself a kit. Like Brody, Chamberlain started out alone in his quest to start a band so decided if he wanted to make a full band sound he would have to make the full band himself and started playing the guitar to accompany the beats he’d lay down on the drums.

After Chamberlain met Ben McBride the two “automatically clicked” and began working together on a music project. The two then met Brody and Chamberlain finally felt he had met guys with similar aspirations. The three have been making music ever since.

Benjamin McBride rounds out the group and plays the drums for the band. The CWU senior is a Public Relation major and while he hopes to one day work as a PR director for a record label for now he is focusing on building BLACKBURN up to the point of national tour status.

Blackburn will be bringing its alternative rock sound to ‘Burgstock 2013 with the hope of claiming the top prize in this battle of the bands contest. More blog posts on the other bands will follow.


It’s Sasquatch Season!

SASQUATCH!!! It’s on every music lover in the Northwest’s brain. We’ve heard mixed reviews of the lineup this year but 88.1 The ‘Burg staff is most excited for The Postal Service, CAKE, Tame Impala, Mumford and Sons and Alt-J.  Other big acts include Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Sigur Ros, Vampire Weekend, The XX and Nick Offerman who plays Ron Swanson on the television show Parks and Recreation.

The Postal Service

The Postal Service



Tame Impala

Tame Impala

Tickets are a whopping $337.50 but fortunately your music central is hooking it up! The hunt for Sasquatch will be on Thursday, February 7th, at 10:30 a.m. Sasquatch will be roaming the CWU Campus and whoever catches him first will win a pair of Sasquatch Festival passes. See link below for full list of contest rules.

Because The ‘Burg loves  you so much we will be giving away ANOTHER pair of Sasquatch tickets this April at our own battle of the bands “Burg Stock” festival. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and mobile app for more details to come

2013 Sasquatch Ticket Giveaway Rules & Regulations