Shows of Note – Stoney Weather

Red Fang

Red Fang is labeled as stoner rock, hard rock, and/or metal, but the conclusion we have come to is that it’s just really awesome, loud, noisy music.

The quartet is made of Bryan Giles, Aaron Beam , David Sullivan and John Sherman, all of whom have spent a lot of time in the music biz all of them having played in at least one other band. The Portland based group can be described as classic rock influenced, stoner jam sessions. The band’s most recent album, Whales and Leeches just dropped on the 15th of October, this year.

The album is getting great reviews on iTunes, but gave it a measly 5 out of 10. The reviewer called the album “markedly fine and nothing else.” Others disagree, gave the album 8 out of 10 stating “Whales and Leeches gives you enough to chew on that it even works for active headphone listening.”

Red Fang

Red Fang

We’ve come to the conclusion that you should come to your own conclusions! Check out the album here.

Red Fang will be playing in Seattle at Showbox at the Market on November 9 and The ‘Burg is hooking it up! Listen tomorrow tonight (10/30) between 6 and 8 p.m. and 8 and 10 p.m. for a chance to win one of two pairs of tickets to the show given away.


Shows of Note – Irish Import

Foy Vance

Upon hearing the name Foy Vance for the first time, one may not be sure if it’s the name of a person, band or state of being. But Foy Vance is in fact the name of folk singer-songwriter from Ireland.


There are artists that shake the soul and wake the soul, but Foy Vance is one that touches the soul. Gaining popularity from the usage of his single “Gabriel and the Vagabond” on Grey’s Anatomy and “Indiscriminate Acts of Kindness” being used in a commercial, Vance is slowly rising in the musical ranks.

Acoustic and often bittersweet, Vance is a master at crafting songs that softly, yet powerfully display the rawness of relationships. His own website claims that his newest album Joy of Nothing “makes love feel like the most alive and powerful force in the world.”

Joy of Nothing was released August of this year and has received outstanding reviews on iTunes with an overall 4.5 out of five star rating, one fan writing “I DON’T THINK WORDS CAN EXPLAIN.”

Now on tour promoting the album, Vance can sell out halls in Europe but is still gaining ground in America. Because of his wide range in fan-bases all over the world Vance has to frequently adjust to each audience. Vance also supported Ed Sheeran on his sold out tour. Cut London had the opportunity to interview him about the experience.

“You know what, it was great fun! There was a time in my life that I would have turned down a tour that I conceived as “pop”. Not for any aloof reasons. Just because I would have thought I didn’t belong there or have any place there. But I’ve become very close with Ed over the last year or so.”

Vance is playing at the Bunk Bar in Portland on October 31 and the Columbia City Theater in November 1. We’ll be giving away two pairs of tickets to the Seattle show so keep an eye out on our social media for tips on how you can win!


Shows of Note – Math Rock Animals

Minus the Bear

Here at The ‘Burg, we love promoting artists from all over the world, but it’s particularly sweet when we get to promote awesome musicians from right here in the Pacific Northwest. Minus the Bear, is a favorite among many DJ’s at the station and it just so happens the band is out of Seattle.


Minus the Bear

Formed in 2001, Minus the Bear is an indie rock band that experiments in the electronic. The five-man group is comprised of Jake Snider (Vocals, guitar), Dave Knudson (guitar), Cory Murchy (bass) and Alex Rose (synths, voclas) and Erin Tate (drums). Most of the five were members of other Seattle bands of various genres before coming together to form Minus the Bear.

Infinity Overhead is the title of the band’s most recent album which dropped in August of last year. Infinity Overhead was a much anticipated follow-up to their 2010 released album Omni. gave the Infinity Overhead album an 8.5 out of 10 saying:

“ -auspicious early tracks exhibit the Seattle quintet’s taut melody-making skills in full effect, but in spite of their effortless way with mid-tempo gems, it’s when they venture into relatively uncharted territory for them– lush balladry– that Minus the Bear achieve Infinity Overhead’s defining moment.”

We recommend checking out “Diamond Lightning,” “Listing,” and “Lies and Eyes” off the Infinity Overhead album.

Minus the Bear will be performing in Seattle at Showbox at the Market on November 8th. Listen today (10/28) between 1 and 3 p.m and again between 6 and 8 p.m. for a chance to win one of two pairs of tickets we will be giving away!


Shows of Note – Uprising in Seattle


The EDM culture is one that embraces craziness. Whether in the form of costumes, lighting, or over-the-top stage props, the motto seems to be the wilder the better. The Uprising North America Tour featuring Alesso is headed to Seattle on November 11th and he promises to bring the type of music one can “feel in their bones.”

Alesso or Alessandro Lindbald as he was born, is a DJ out of Sweden and really didn’t gain his current level of fame until 2011 when his remix of “Pressure” became an EDM standard. A DJ who’s productions usually fit in the house category, Alesso is similar to Sebastian Ingrosso, Dirty South or Nicky Romero.



A fan favorite, Alesso can’t praise his fans enough and even let one pant his chest before a live set. In an interview with The Independent Blogs Alesso said:

“I’m still pretty young, so everything that’s happening at the moment is still kind of shocking for me! I’m just starting to get used to this so-called ‘lifestyle’ that represents many first-time experiences for me, quite a lot of unexpected moments, I even feel sometimes like pinching myself to check ‘Is this real?’ It’s amazing to be offered the opportunity to do these wonderful things at my age. Luckily my dreams have been fulfilled very quickly, and I’m more than happy about that but beyond the excitement, sometimes you do need to sit down and take the time to realize what’s going on.”

Thanks to our awesome partnership with USC Events, 88.1 The ‘Burg will  be giving away two pairs of tickets to the Seattle show tonight (10/25) between 6 and 10 p.m. Tune-in to win!


Shows of Note -The Singing Sidekicks


Garfunkel and Oates is a duo made up of two of the most bad-ass women in comedy and music. The funny team made up of singer/actresses Riki Lindhome (Garfunkel) and Kate Micucci (Oates) writes and performs some of the dirtiest, cutest, catchiest indie music around.

Garfunkel and Oates

Garfunkel and Oates

Men usually dominate the musical-comedy scene with individuals such as Bo Burnham and Stephen Lynch or groups such as The Axis of Awesome setting the bar. Garfunkel and Oates changed that when they formed in 2007. The duo has been described as the “Female Flight of the Conchords” by the Wall Street Journal. Named after the sidekicks in Simon and Garfunkel and Hall and Oates, not only is Garfunkel and Oates probably the funniest female musical-comedy group in the business, they might be the only.

Riki Lindhome has acted in movies such as “Million Dollar Baby” while you might recognize Kate Micucci from her reoccurring role on “Scrubs” as Lawyer Ted’s love interest. Their most recent album, Slippery When Moist feature songs we love such as “Handjob, Blowjob, I Don’t Understand Job” and “My Apartment’s Very Clean Without You.”

The hilarious duo will be performing at The Neptune Theatre in Seattle on November 1st and The ‘Burg has all the hookups. Tune-in to Geek Speak tomorrow (10/25) between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m for a chance to win tickets to the Seattle show. We will also give a pair away Monday (10/28) between 3 and 6 p.m. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see this pretty, witty group!


Local Happenings – Night of the Rocking Dead

Thriller dance 1

Zombie themes have become very popular in the last couple of years. With movies like Zombieland, shows like The Walking Dead and books like World War Z, zombies have become a common interest among many Americans. This year, even more campus organizations are teaming together to put on what has become an annual CWU spectacular. The Zombie Bash has only grown and this year, The ‘Burg is going to help take the event to a whole new level.zombiezone1

The Zombie Bash will be made up of about ten activities, all free and all open to the public. Participants will be given the opportunity to take part in a zombie themed 5K, zombie shooting gallery, freaky photo booths and more. The Zombie Zone will be in the recreation center and will give students the chance to run and shoot at real live (well, dead) zombies! There will also be a humans vs. zombies jousting tournament in an inflatable ring as well as a creepy carnival.

So what’s The ‘Burg’s part? We will be hosting The Rocking Dead, zombie dance. Expect an 11-foot DJ booth guard tower, a fenced in dance floor and spine-chilling music to complete the mood. Don’t have the perfect zombie outfit? No problem, make-up artists will be on-site to help you look your worst!download

The event is open to the public but be warned, there will be extreme images! The whole she-bang starts at 8 p.m. Saturday, November 2 and will continue until 1 a.m. All activities will be held in the SURC.

Keep an eye out for zombies walking through campus, alerts on The ‘Burg’s airwaves and zombie survival tips on our Facebook and Twitter. For more information on the event and a full list of sponsors check out the CWU event calendar online.