Do it Obscura


Female fronted indie pop has never been as sweet as Camera Obscura. The Scotland based band has been around since 1996 and although they have gone through changes in regards to membership, the band has remained a favorite for hipsters all around.


Although they started out as three piece band, Camera Obscura now has five members. Tracyanne Campbell (vocals, guitar), Kenny McKeeve (guitar), Carey Lander (keyboards), Gavin Dunbar (bass) and Lee Thomson (drums). The band will release their first album since 2009’s My Maudlin Career on June 3rd of this year. The album name is Desire Lines and will feature the pre-released single “Do It Again.”

Camera Obscura’s new album was recorded in Portland, Oregon with Tucker Martine who has worked with Sufjan Stevens, The Decemberists and R.E.M. Campbell called Desire Lines their “America album” in an interview with The List.

With the release of their new album, Camera Obscura has a busy summer tour lined up which includes opening slots for She & Him. They will be playing at the Showbox at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland on June 21 and the Showbox at the Market in Seattle on June 22. The ‘Burg will be giving away tickets to the Seattle show. Check out our Facebook and mobile app for details and updates on how you can win.


The Next Best Thing


If you didn’t manage to get your hands on a Sasquatch tickets, you aren’t the only one. Fortunately there is another Northwest music festival that features artists of the same caliber.

Bumbershoot 2013 is August 31 through September 2. Unlike Sasquatch you can buy tickets for each individual day or a full weekend pass. Like Sasquatch, Bumbershoot isn’t just a music festival; there will also be comedy acts as well as theatre acts. The Bumbershoot lineup highlights include Death Cab for Cutie, Kendrick Lamar, Icona Pop, Allen Stone, MGMT and fun. We could go on and on about all the great acts but there are a handful that we are particularly excited for.



With their roots in the Emerald City, it’s surprising that this will be Heart’s first Bumbershoot appearance. Sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson front the band and their power ballads such as “Alone,” “What About Love” and “These Dreams” have remained classic rock classics. Now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Heart managed grabbed a spot on the Billboard Top 100 with their 2010 release Red Velvet Car. Heart will take the Bumbershoot stage on Saturday along with Crystal Castles and Gary Numan.

Tegan and Sara also made the list as one of our top picks for Bumbershoot. Unlike Justin Bieber, Tegan and Sara are welcome in America and we are happy Canada could share. The identical twin sisters have really seen their music evolve from a folksy sound to something borderline electronic. The twins’ most recent album Heartthrob dropped January of this year. The album fits into today’s pop scene but has a ‘80s feel to it. In an interview with, Sara was asked about their recent switch to indie pop.

Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara

My first choice as a child was New Kids on the Block. We had all the records, sleeping bags and posters. Then I branched into punk, grunge, rock and indie rock. It’s only recently, in the last six or seven years, that I’ve gotten back into what I would now classify as pop music.”

Whatever Tegan and Sara are doing, it’s working. Tegan and Sara will perform Sunday with Matt & Kim and Ra Ra Riot.

Our final pick for Bumbershoot is Joey Bada$$. Straight out of Brooklyn, NY, Joey Bada$$ is a gem in the underground hip hop scene. Joey is a member of the hip hop collective Pro.Era and his debut mixtape 1999 received critical acclaim. The release of his second mixtape, Rejex followed the same year. At only 18 years ago, Joey is getting attention from many high profile artists. Mac Miller even reached out to Joey via Twitter which lead to Joey opening for him and being featured on Miller’s song “America.” Young, motivated and up and coming, Bumbershoot may be the perfect time to see Joey Bada$$ before he no longer is underground. Joey will perform Saturday along with ZZ Ward and Nacho Picasso.

Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$

Check out Bumbershoot’s website and get your tickets before they sell out. Bumbershoot looks to be the more affordable but just as fun version of Sasquatch.


That’s So Punk Rock


What people often don’t realize about 88.1 The ‘Burg is that we aren’t just alternative or Top 40. We love us some punk rock as well. That’s why we’re pumped to be giving away tickets to veteran band, Alkaline Trio.


The trio formed in late 1996 and consists of Matt Skiba on guitar and vocals, Dan Adriano on bass and Derek Grant on the drums. Known for their catchy hooks, upbeat tempo and darker lyrics, usually about drugs, depression and alcohol, Alkaline Trio’s most recent album took a slight step outside their norm.

My Shame is True dropped March 29 and is supposedly about Skiba’s recent breakup. His girlfriend even appears on the cover of the album. The album is receiving mixed review with Sputnik Music saying:

“On My Shame Is True he (Skiba) sounds much more open and vulnerable than on previous efforts which allows these well-worn themes to sound fresh and new.” 

The rating gave the album 3.5 stars out 5 and overall, thought the album better than previous efforts by the band. Amplified Magazine had more to say in their review of the album:

“All in all, this album won’t please everyone. Fans of the band’s early work will find very little on this album that is reminiscent of either Goddamnit! or Maybe I’ll Catch Fire, but that doesn’t mean this is a bad album.”

The wonderful thing about the album is that it gives a glimpse into the life of the artists. This isn’t a punk rock album produced with the sole intent of causing a ruckus and pissing your parents off. As Skiba told SPIN Magazine:

“I went through a lot since the last record and this one, like going straight out of a gnarly divorce into a really great, beautiful relationship that came to an end just as we started writing My Shame Is True,” he told SPIN. “I just wrote this one more as like a love letter to my ex-girlfriend or an apology note set to music.”

88.1 The ‘Burg wants you to decide whether Alkaline Trio’s new stuff is good or not. That’s why we’re giving away multiple tickets to their show at Showbox at the Market on June 7. If you can’t attend that show the trio will be performing at Hawthorne Theater in Portland, June 8. Be sure and checkout our Facebook and ‘Burg app for details on how you can win!


This Could be Para-Para-Paradise!


Paradiso promises to be an experience like no other. There’s no venue in the world quite like The Gorge Amphitheatre and there aren’t concerts in the world quite like EDM concerts.

7496978538_3102512517_bDigital will meet nature June 28 and 29 when some of the greatest DJs in the world will take the stage alongside trapeze artists, acrobats and breathtaking art on stage and off. The Gorge/Paradiso experience will include full amusement park rides, stilt walkers and plenty of paint as well.


Aside from the unparalleled atmosphere of The Gorge, the event promises to bring fans some of the best EDM music in the world. With over 50 artists on the bill we could write a book including all the awesome DJs set to perform. Instead we’ve picked out our top three choices, these are the guys you should be excited about.

Porter Robinson is someone The ‘Burg is familiar with. The young electro house DJ is rising to fame at an astonishing rate. We’ve seen him perform at smaller venues such as Foundation and Paradiso is something the man has definitely earned. The man started producing when he was 13 years old and still isn’t even old enough to drink legally. Robinson was introduced to EDM through the popular game, Dance, Dance Revolution. Robinson loved the music so much he bought the soundtrack to the game. Robinson’s most recent work is the Easy (Remixes) EP which he co-produced with Mat Zo and was released May 7 of this year. Robinson’s full length album Spitfire dropped in 2011.


Porter Robinson

Dubstep fans should pay attention to our second Paradiso pick, Adventure Club. The Canadian duo of Christian Srigley and Leighton James is based out of Montreal, Quebec. Originally a pop-punk group, the boys got bored of the punk rock sound and moved on to dubstep. Adventure Club’s vibe often includes female vocals with heavy drops. The lovely thing about Adventure Club is that they effortlessly balance dubstep with the softer side of EDM. While dubstep can get too heavy for some, fans at all ends of the dubstep spectrum can find solace in Adventure Club.


Adventure Club

Adventure Club isn’t the only duo we’re pumped about. Those of us who like progressive house we’re particularly thrilled to see CAZZETTE on the Paradiso bill. CAZZETTE is made of Sebastian Furrer & Alexander Björklund. Only a couple years young, CAZZETE is already supported by David Guetta, Tiësto, Swedish House Mafia, Avicii and Martin Solveig. While they can be labeled as progressive house, their taste for dubstep inspired CAZZETTE to refer to their style as Dub House. Still building a growing fan base, CAZZETTE is one to watch at Paradiso.



While the show isn’t sold out yet, we’re guessing it will be soon. Get your tickets online or listen to our EDM lineup every Friday night. Our EDM DJs will be giving away multiple pairs of tickets to Paradiso as well as telling you the latest news on artists and music for the event.


What you missed at ‘Burgstock


‘Burgstock 2013 was a hit to say the least. Prosody Events served fabulous food and drink, the crowd was awesome and all the bands put on great shows. But, it was a battle of the bands competition and there can only be one winner…and that winner was BLACKBURN.


The alternative rock band put on a show that pleased themselves and the crowd. Girls were screaming, fans were clapping and everyone was smiling. While the competition was close, if you asked a random audience member who their pick was, BLACKBURN was the most frequently dropped name.

‘Burgstock was something BLACKBURN didn’t take lightly.

“We put out our set early, and wrote notes as to what we were gonna do,” drummer Ben McBride said.422069_10151358475072750_120494596_n

The band put a lot of thought into the show and being a three-piece rock band puts on the pressure when it comes to performing. As they like to point out, during a live show all three of them are trying to do a lot. Singing, dancing, playing and reading the crowd can be hard to do at the same time. Lead singer and guitarist Brody Blackburn doesn’t just focus on playing the guitar, he has to sing too. Chamberlain doesn’t just lay down the bass; he is expected to dance his ass off. McBride has to be conscious not to overpower the other two while still filling the empty space. Somehow, like so many three-piece bands before them, BLACKBURN manages, and manages well.

BLACKBURN’s act included a set list that was diverse with pieces that could be compared to Of Monsters and Men, A Day to Remember and Third Eye Blind. When asking the band who they would compare themselves to they laugh.

“Everyone says something different,” says McBride with a grin.302793_10151358475002750_973150754_n

“What do you think?” adds bass guitarist Wes Chamberlain.

BLACKBURN is hard to categorize at times, but if there’s one thing that we do know about them, it’s that they rock. Their act at ‘Burgstock included awesome dance moves, audience participation and Chamberlain jumping over Brody. The group even had a brief comedy act where they sang the “white guy” rendition of Kelis’s “Milkshake.”

The band doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. ‘Burgstock is the second battle of the bands contest they have won and the band isn’t even a year old. Now over 100 shows deep, BLACKBURN hopes to move away from performing at bars and has their sights set on bigger shows at venues such as The Showbox.

601853_10151358474137750_1515517465_nExpect  a new album from the band this summer and a music video release on June 17th. All three members will relocate to Seattle in the fall to pursue their dreams of making it big. The three men that make up BLACKBURN admit that the band now comes before school and work.

Check out their website and Facebook page for updates on whats to come for this band on the rise.


Albums of Note

Working at a radio station is a privilege, we get to listen to music, review music and play music everyday, all day. Finding music before the masses is awesome but we don’t mind sharing. Continue reading for the lowdown on the most recent albums we’re loving.

The Week’s website claims:

“Our shows are tattered and torn, but our feet are dry. As for our places in history, we will run naked through your streets before we sit decorated in your halls.”

The Weeks is a band that is quite content the way they are and don’t really care what anyone else thinks. Defined as 21st century southern rock, their latest album, Dear Bo Jackson dropped on April 30th. The Jackson, Mississippi based group manages to fuse grunge, indie, southern rock and folk into a splendid fifth album.

The Weeks

The Weeks

Receiving rave reviews, Dear Bo Jackson kicks off with a tune titled the same. Catchy, quick and not without a hint of southern comfort, the song is a great way to kick off the record. While the first track is awesome, the second may be the best on the album. “Brother in the Night” is the perfect sound for riding down a windy road with the sun roof down. We also recommend checking out “Ain’t My Stop” and “Bad Enough,” that is if you don’t have time to listen out the whole album.

Other than French Fries, toast and kisses, Phoenix may be the best thing to ever come out of France. The band caught the attention of the masses with their hit song “1901” off the album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Their first album in four years, Bankrupt! Dropped April 23rd,  and isn’t going to let you forget Phoenix is an indie force to be reckoned with.



The new album is a little more experimental than past works but Phoenix’s genius blend of pop and alternative doesn’t go away. With a 4.5 average on iTunes user reviews and solid analyses from the critics, Spin Magazine said: “The resulting album blurs the lines between simple and sophisticated more effectively than Phoenix ever have before.”

We recommend checking out “Entertainment,” “Trying to Be Cool” and “Don’t” off the Bankrupt! album.

Deerhunter’s fifth album will be released to the public on May 7th, but we can just tell you right now…it’s pretty great.





Monomania is raw, noisy, and awesome. Some of the tracks (like “Leather Jacket II”) use grinding background noises to accompany front man Bradford’ Cox’s ringing vocals, while others are softer such as “The Missing.” This album is well balanced and will fit in with any psychedelic experience you are having.

It’s looking like summer will be pretty awesome this year. Your sunny weather playlist will be easy to complete as many of our favorite bands are performing in their newest albums.