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Aaron Dontez Yates is better known by his stage name Tech N9ne. His stage name originated from the TEC-9 semi-automatic handgun, given to him by rapper Black Walt due to his fast rhyming style. (Tech is short for technique and 9 is the number of completion. That’s why he says the technique’s complete so often.)


Born in 1971, Yates began rapping at a young age. He used rapping to help him remember things such as the letters of his own name. The road to fame has been a tough one. Yates never met his father and his mother suffered from epilepsy. In 2003, Yates’s best friend Brian Dennis was shot and killed by his girlfriend’s ex-girlfriend. These experiences, although traumatizing, have made Tech N9ne into a powerhouse rapper who spits lyrics that are relate-able and often moving.

Early in his career, Yates was a member of a group called Black Mafia. Yates continued to bounce from group to group and was a member of 57th Street Rogue Dog Villains, Nutthowze, and The Regime until releasing Anghellic as a solo artist on JCOR Records.

Tech N9ne’s horrorcore gangster rap has frightened some but intrigued many. He has a cult like following and over his 12 year career as a solo artist and 24 year career as an established rapper has worked with Lil’ Wayne, Eminem, Linkin Park and other high profile artists.

“They call me devil worshipper because I’m different. I give you music for my core…I raise my middle finger to everybody who judges me because my core audience is there for me,” Tech N9ne said. “They will always love me, but I’m trying to reach others, too. It’s not over. My music is supposed to be for everybody, but some people just don’t get it.”

Tech N9ne will be performing in the northwest on April 4th at the McDonald Theatre in Eugene, April 5th at Roseland Theater in Portland, April 6th and 7th at Showbox SoDo in Seattle and March 9th at The Knitting Factory in Spokane.

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Metalcore Remains

A War You Cannot Win dropped on November 6th, 2012 and is the sixth release by melodic metalcore band All That Remains since 1998 when the group formed. The album has received mixed reviews. Some fans claim the band has sold out because the new album is more “radio friendly metal” with only the slightest hint of core. Previous albums have been more metalcore so hardcore metal fans may be disappointed.


All That Remains guitarist Mike Martin says the newest album is a step of maturity.

“I just think when you do something for 10, 12, 15 years you can’t help but learn a little bit along the way and I think that’s one thing this band continues to get better at with every album,” Martin says. “It’s not a physical thing where everybody has to get a 100 times better at their specific instrument – I think collectively the songwriting gets better with each one.”

Old fans should be able to appreciate the steps All That Remains has taken in their newest album. While perhaps softer than previous albums, A War You Cannot Win is still an illustration of the great songwriting All That Remains is capable of. A War You Cannot Win is especially great for those just becoming interested in the metalcore genre and the band itself.

Now on tour promoting the album All That Remains is playing in the northwest on March 24th at The Knitting Factory in Boise, March 30th at The Knitting Factory in Spokane, March 31st at Roseland Center in Portland and April 1st at Showbox at the Market in Seattle.

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No Pity for the Majority

KMFDM is not just a random jumble of letters chosen by a group of people to represent their band. KMFDM in fact is an acronym for Kein Mehrheit Fur Die Mitleid. If you’re wondering what the heck this German phrase means just look at the title of this blog.

Techno/electronic and heavy metal are categories of music that are very specific. You either love the genres or you hate them, there aren’t a lot of in-betweeners. KMFDM decided to throw caution to the wind and pioneered the crossover genre referred to as industrial rock in 1984 when the band formed. Becoming one of the first industrial rock groups isn’t the only unique thing about KMFDM that we love. The band also features male and female vocals.


29 is ancient in band years and KMFDM has certainly been around the block. Their most recent works titled WTF?! dropped in 2011 and is their 30th album to date when including live and greatest hits albums. Many fans claim WTF?! to be their best album in the decade.

Metaldominion.com described WTF?! as: “an album containing 11 songs of hard-edged brutality that stabs you in the ear with a persistency that to be honest has very few equals around at the moment.”

KMFDM will be playing in the northwest on March 8th at Star Theater in Portland, March 29th at The Knitting Factory in Boise and March 30th at Showbox SoDo in Seattle.

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Get Your Satisfaction

It takes a level of cool to listen to THEESatisfaction. While their music clearly has hip hop tendencies it could better be described as funky- feministic–psychedelic-afro soul. With hints of jazz themes and traditional African rhythms one can’t help but close their eyes and get lost when listening.


The duo is made of singer Catherine “Cat” Harris-White and rapper Stasia “Stas” Iron. The two write, produce and perform their own original material. Known for their fascination with numbers, wordplay and outfits that are perhaps funkier than their music the two see themselves as windows to what it’s like to be an African-American woman today.

“We like to just play with different concepts of who we are as humans and then who we are as black people and how it varies,” says Cat, “Who we are as black women and how different it is to what is pumped into the world every day, it just varies so much. Everyone is different and, I can’t speak from everyone’s standpoint, but for myself as a black woman, I think it’s important to show how many varieties there are. From our shapes, to our heights, to our facial expressions, our complexions and everything like that. It’s very important to just explore that.”

THEESatisfcation call Seattle home and the two met at the University of Washington in 2008. Stasia saw Cat perform at open mic nights and eventually got the courage to speak to her. The two have been unstoppable ever since.

THEESatisfaction will be performing a 21+ show in Seattle at Neumos on March 22nd. Kingdom Crumbs, who is on the Sasquatch 2013 lineup, will be performing with them.

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They’ll Give You a Slap on the Ear

I’ll gie ye a skelpit lug! – An old Scottish saying that translates into “I’ll Give You a Slap on the Ear.”

While Frightened Rabbit isn’t painful to listen to, they’re a Scottish band that your ears will want to take note of.

Scotland has produced some of the best music in the folk, indie and alternative scene. Franz Ferdinand, Paolo Nutini, We Were Promised Jetpacks and Belle and Sebastian are just a few of the Scottish artists 88.1 The ‘Burg loves to play.


One Scottish import we favor is Frightened Rabbit. The group formed in Glasgow, Scotland in 2003 and has continued to put out awesome indie folk-rock albums. In early February, 2013 they released their fourth full album, Pedestrian Verse following the fall 2012 release of their EP State Hospital.

The single The Woodpile is an obvious standout on the Pedestrian Verse album. The song is swollen and emotional with a music video to accompany that is equally dramatic. Make sure to check out the ending because there is a twist! Lead singer Scott Hutchinson’s vocals bring you to a place where you can share a quiet moment with the person you love. Perhaps in a log cabin in the woods or lonely coffee shop.

(From the Woodpile)

I’m trapped in an abandoned building
Come find me now, we’ll hide out
We’ll speak in our secret tongues
Will you come back to my corner?

Frightened Rabbit will be performing in the northwest on March 8th at the Showbox at the Market in Seattle and March 9th at Hawthorne Theatre in Portland.

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Your EDM Foundation

USC Events established itself in 1996 with a vision for an electronic dance music experience that goes beyond your typical concert.  USC Events prides itself in its state-of-the-art technologies, world class talent and first-rate production. Known for its large-scale electronica shows such as Paradiso, Resolution and Freak Night, USC has now become a presence in the EDM club scene.

Foundation opened in Seattle August 0f 2012 to the excitement of northwest EDM fans. The 21+ club features world renowned DJs such as Dirtyloud, The Crystal Method and Bingo Players to name a few.



The Club boasts two VIP areas, three bars and state-of-the-art production to create an atmosphere not typical of your nightlife experience.

Foundation provides a music experience for all electronic music fans. Many of their nights are themed so sub-genres within EDM always get their spotlight. These themed days of the week include SUBstance Wednesdays, Resolution Fridays and Progression Saturdays.

Upcoming shows include:

Wednesday, February 20th – Funtcase



Friday, February 22nd – Dirtyloud

Saturday, February 23rd – Gabriel and Dresden

Wednesday, February 27th – Black Sun Empire

Black Sun Empire

Black Sun Empire

Friday, March 1st  – Bass Kleph

Saturday, March 2nd – Ronski Speed

Wednesday, March 6th – Terravita

Friday, March 8th – Sex Panther and Candyland

Saturday, March 9th – Tritonal

Wednesday shows are free entry before 11 p.m. while Friday and Saturday shows usually charge a cover of $11.50.

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Hey, have you heard of these guys?

Indie Folk is a force to be reckoned with in today’s music scene. If the Sasquatch 2013 lineup is any indication of music trends, with Mumford and Sons headlining and many other folksy acts included in the bill its clear what the people want and that’s indie-folk.

Seattle has proved to be a haven for the folk music scene. The Head and the Heart, Bryan John Appleby and The Cave Singers are just a few of the Seattle based groups finding success.

Seattle band, Hey Marseilles creates its sound by being one of the largest Indie-Folk bands there with seven members covering guitars, cello, viola, accordion, piano, bass, trumpet, glockenspiel, ukulele, mandolin, drums, and a large variety of other rhythmic appliances.

Hey Marseilles

Hey Marseilles


Often compared to Portland’s The Decemberists, Hey Marseilles first album To Travels & Trunks was released in 2010 to critical acclaim. The band even caught the eye of Starbucks and were featured in their Valentine’s Day compilation album in 2010.

Hey Marseilles second album Lines We trace will drop March 5th.

Hey Marseilles will be playing in the northwest February 27th at The Media Club in Vancouver, Canada,  March 1st at Showbox at the Market in Seattle and March 2nd at Aladdin Theatre in Portland.

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It’s Sasquatch Season!

SASQUATCH!!! It’s on every music lover in the Northwest’s brain. We’ve heard mixed reviews of the lineup this year but 88.1 The ‘Burg staff is most excited for The Postal Service, CAKE, Tame Impala, Mumford and Sons and Alt-J.  Other big acts include Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Sigur Ros, Vampire Weekend, The XX and Nick Offerman who plays Ron Swanson on the television show Parks and Recreation.

The Postal Service

The Postal Service



Tame Impala

Tame Impala

Tickets are a whopping $337.50 but fortunately your music central is hooking it up! The hunt for Sasquatch will be on Thursday, February 7th, at 10:30 a.m. Sasquatch will be roaming the CWU Campus and whoever catches him first will win a pair of Sasquatch Festival passes. See link below for full list of contest rules.

Because The ‘Burg loves  you so much we will be giving away ANOTHER pair of Sasquatch tickets this April at our own battle of the bands “Burg Stock” festival. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and mobile app for more details to come

2013 Sasquatch Ticket Giveaway Rules & Regulations


Rock Music for Sci-Fi

Woody Guthrie is considered by many to have created one of the first concept albums ever, with Dust Bowl Ballads (1940). Since Woody, many musicians have created their own concept albums including Frank Sinatra, Pink Floyd and The Beatles to name a few. Rock band, Coheed and Cambria is known for their concept albums based on a fictional story written by one of the band members.

Coheed and Cambria front-man Claudio Sanchez is what many would call a nerd. The rock star and sci-fi fan wrote The Amory Wars which has been transcribed into a series of comic books as well as a full length novel. Coheed and Cambria’s albums are concept albums that reveal the plot of The Amory Wars story. In 2010, Coheed and Cambria’s album Year of the Black Rainbow was released and fans didn’t know what was going to happen because the full Amory Wars story had been told. But we were all relieved to find out Sanchez wrote a new spin-off story which he is telling through the two “Aftermath” albums.

Coheed and Cambria’s latest album is the second of the Aftermath series titled The Aftermath: Descension. It will be released February 5th which high anticipation.

Fun fact: The Amory Wars has been picked up by Mark Wahlberg and Leverage Productions to be developed in a live-action feature film.

Coheed and Cambria will be playing in the northwest February 17th at the Roseland Theater in Portland, February 18th at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, Canada and February 19th at Showbox SoDo in Seattle.

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Hip-hop Artists You Should Know About.

*Listener discretion advised.

Photo Courtesy: billboard.com


Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, or more commonly, Odd Future, is a hip-hop collective based out of Los Angeles. The web-born collective has been on a steep rise since 2010. Odd Future contains front man Tyler, the Creator and includes rappers Hodgy Beats, Earl Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis and Mike G, singer Frank Ocean, producers Left Brain, Syd tha Kyd and Matt Martians, and other non-musical members.

Known for their audacity and rebel-like antics, Odd Future has been nominated for Best Crew of 2011 by MTV2′s Sucker Free Awards and Best Web-Born Artist by O Music Awards. Their rise to fame has a lot to do with Tyler, the Creator whose beats are quite eclectic, spanning from crunk to 90′s underground hip-hop.

Currently on tour–they performed last month in Seattle—, the collective has been sharing their live energy with the nation. Going to an Odd Future show is more like going to a punk rock show rather than a typical rap performance. When seeing Odd Future, one can expect nothing less than moshing, stage-diving and skanking. Basically, the collective definitely loves to push buttons and stick it to the mainstream.

Now with a sketch-comedy show on Adult Swim called Loiter Squad and solo success from many of its members, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is a definite force to be reckoned with.

Kid Ink

Though rising to fame in 2010 with his mixtape, Crash Landing, Kid Ink isn’t quite a newcomer to the hip-hop industry. He spent most of his early career at the control board, mixing and producing for artists like Sean Kingston and Sean “Diddy” Combs–he must be partial to the name Sean. Jokes aside, Kid Ink is quickly becoming a name to be known from the east to the west.

Kid Ink may be from Los Angeles, but he raps with an east coast flare, successfully blending the style of both sub-genres. Kid Ink is currently working on his first full-length album, Up & Away. Its expected release June 12, 2012.

 Iggy Azalea

Australia native, Iggy Azalea, began rapping at the ripe age of 14. Azalea began her claim to fame with a series of freestyle videos on youtube that went viral, landing her a recording contract with Interscope Records.

And she isn’t a gal to be messed with. She means business with her hard delivery and commanding lyrics, on her recent mix tape Ignorant Art Iggy proves she can rap fast as well as slow switching up her sound and proving what she’s worth with every song. Keep a look out for Iggy’s new album in 2012 The New Classic. With Iggy in the game, Nicki Minaj is going to need to keep a hold on to her skirt.