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Fireside Chat Summary
Students gathered in the SURC pit on Monday night to speak with the Presidential Cabinet about the current decisions and changes being made at Central Washington University. The topics the cabinet highlighted shortly after introductions were the dual admissions program and the Senate Budget to be released the following day.

Immediately following the introductions and talking about the above mentioned topics, students did not waist anytime in asking questions. The first student comes out of the gate with the popular question of tuition; “Will it go down?” President Gaudino very quickly responded with a no answer. He followed it up with, “Sadly we will probably be seeing a substantial increase next year, followed up by a consistent increase for the next couple of years.”

Two things President Gaudino mentioned the school was doing to combat the budget cut were:
1. The University has cut the Full Time Equivalency (FTE) Hours by about 100.
2. They have almost completely eliminated the Goods and Services costs.
However, at the same time The University is increasing compensation, in order to keep its national competitiveness.

The other heavy hitter questions of the evening were in concern of the newly approved calendar. “Is it possible to get dead day back?” Our University provost Dr. Marilyn Levine says it’s currently a pilot program that will be reconsidered in 2014. She says that the decision was made after 600 students responded to a survey, in favor of abolishing dead day.

In reference to the Calendar, the cabinet also put the stop to the rumor of Central switching from quarters to semesters in the present future. She says it may be a possibility down the road, but nothing is planned to happen for at least three years.

The Cabinet also answered questions surrounding their involvement in the fight for Higher Education funding in Olympia, student’s ability to network with alumni, and the Academic Planning Taskforce.

*Seattle times article:

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